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How the Nugget Couch Lives Up to the Hype

family activity toddlerhood Jan 11, 2023
Two young siblings playing on a colorful Nugget Couch, building a fort with the modular cushions and enjoying imaginative play.

The Nugget couch is a very popular play room staple that parents have been very high on despite its premium pricetag at $229. But after one full year of usage I can say it is definitely a play room staple for toddlers and very well worth the splurge. 

It’s made up of four foam pieces, each 33” x 33” and it’s all wrapped in a durable microsuede cover and paired with two triangular wedge pillows. Up to this point, I've been impressed that there hasn't been any pilling or tears on the covers. Although it’s not waterproof, it can be unzipped and machine washed cold before being air-dried. You can also more covers in different colorways for $99 on their site.

Two of the square foam pieces are softer and thinner in depth while the other pair is thicker and a lot more firm to the touch. In its standard couch configuration, that firm layer serves at the base while that soft layer is usually placed on top for more comfortable seating.

Nuggets biggest draw is how it can be folded and moved in multiple configurations for sitting and playing. There are handles sewn into the middle of the cushions to easily pick up or drag to different spots. You can explore multiple ways to make forts, caves, pirate ships, ramps, slides – there are endless possibilities and ideas floating around.

Nugget suggests you should unbox it fairly quickly as it’s not meant to stay in that packaging for long periods of time. So if you're buying it as a gift and then waiting a while to open it, plan on opening it sooner rather than later and then tucking it away after it has expanded.

Initially when you spend over $200 for something like this you hope that the kids will actually keep using it and that the novelty doesn't wear off. Luckily I can say that if you're worried about the value, I do think it actually is worth the money. Despite the cost, it is something that your kids will probably keep using, if not for play, at the very least for casual lounging. And I should note that the adults around our home sit on it just as often as the kids.

Overall, I’m happy with the quality and integrity of the product and ultimately I do think it’s worth it. For the longest time, I did think it was overpriced and I felt like I could have made a better product myself. Having seen alternatives including Foamnasium Blocksy, Kozy Couch, Crash Couch, Cushy Couch – all are essentially the same at similar price points. If there was a more notable cost saving, I'd consider them more strongly but at the moment, Nugget remains the king of the play room.

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