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Newton's Twin Mattress Goes Beyond Babyhood

toddlerhood May 18, 2023

Newton has long-been a premium mattress brand in the baby space and it’s the mattress that all of our kids used up to now. I’ve reviewed it in the past and our baby is currently sleeping on a Newton in her crib as I type this right now. 

But as our family gets older, Newton is still supporting our kids as we've been using their twin kids mattress for almost a year.

If you've followed me on YouTube, you’ve seen us slowly graduate our kids' sleeping situations. From baby cribs and mattresses to converting it into a toddler bed, and now sleeping in a twin size bed as they are four and six years old. But Henry has recently been sleeping on the Newton mattress which was a major upgrade from a basic Amazon buy we got a while back. 

Regarding the unboxing experience, it’s a bit different than the mattresses we’ve most recently ordered which were vacuum sealed and rolled into a box. Instead with Newton, it comes in two separate boxes – the first comes with the outer cover which kind of has a mesh fabric texture somewhat similar to the baby mattress. In the second box is where you’ll find their signature Wovenaire mattress core – which comes split in three separate blocks.

I was a little apprehensive about this setup at first because I’m accustomed to a mattress being one large rectangle. Instead, this approach basically has you lining the three Wovenaire blocks together and zipping it into its cover. 


My main hesitation with this was the thought that there would be gaps in between – similar to how couch cushions function – they’re together but still separate. My worry was the gaps would prove to be too uncomfortable, awkward, and not supportive enough.

But after getting all of the pieces in and the cover zipped, I was a bit relieved because you don’t feel any sort of gaps and it’s a very tight fit. Laying on it myself it felt like a normal, super firm mattress. I was always curious about what their mattresses felt like when it wasn’t just for babies – and, well – I finally got to feel it. It’s very firm and is going to offer great support for their growing bones and bodies.

I think what really sold a lot of parents on the Newton Crib Mattress was this concept of its breathability, but that’s not something many are particularly concerned about when you have kids who are a bit older.

But I still think the Wovenaire core brings two valuable things to the table:

First is going to be how cool it sleeps compared to a lot of other memory foam or spring mattresses. If you look at the polymer core – air can travel freely through the mattress. This is going to prove to be quite valuable, especially during those hotter summer months. 

The second thing I’d point to is how this is hypoallergenic. With a lot of memory foam mattresses You might need to do a little bit of that extra research into off-gassing and VOCs, particularly with budget-friendly options – because quite often that's the trade-off you're making. 

Some mattresses that are lower cost, may have drawbacks from a chemical or micro perspective which can impact sleep and health of kids who may have skin sensitivities, allergies or asthma. That may not be a factor into the buying decision for a majority of people, but even for the general market of parents out there, the fact that those are non-issues with this mattress is a definite plus.

And the third big factor is how this is washable. For me, that's the best part about this mattress and why we loved using Newton as parents. 

Our four year-old recently started sleeping on a twin mattress and within the first few months, we've had pee accidents, bloody noses and vomit. All of those scenarios in more than one instance. And the reality is this is going to keep happening in the coming years. 

With other mattresses, pee will soak through the sheet which you can wash, but for the mattress itself you have to spot treat it which isn't the easiest thing to do. In a lot of cases you’re stuck with a stained, nasty mattress.

With our Newton, being able to unzip the cover and wash it as needed is by far the most valuable aspect of this mattress for me. The cover is machine washable and the core can be hosed down and air dried. So you're really able to fully clean the mattress and keep it germ-free. And I don’t think there are currently any other mattresses that have that capability.

You can buy the twin mattress here and use the code DADVERBKIDS35 for a slight discount.

Now when you’re shopping around it's really easy to say, "They're just kids and they don't need very much. It doesn't really matter and we don't need to spend too much here. I slept on garbage and I turned out fine."

But the fact is sleep makes up a third of your life and you want to make sure that what your kids are sleeping on has some quality to it. And I'm not just saying this particularly for Newton, this goes for all kids mattresses out there. For me, I was on the hunt for something easy to keep clean, firm and comfortable.

One side note – Jumping on the mattress hasn't really been something that our boys do because there really isn't a ton of spring to it. But for us that's good because (1) I don't want them jumping on the mattress and (2) they hang out on upper half of a bunk bed and we haven't met our deductible yet. (Know what I mean?)


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