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Are Luxury Strollers Worth the Price Tag?

baby products toddlerhood Jul 25, 2023
Andrew from DadVerb with his son sitting in a stroller.

This is a common question that many parents debate. For example, is a $1399 UPPAbaby VISTA travel system that much better than an Evenflo Pivot XPAND system that costs $419? Well technically, yes it is. But the difficult thing is if you only ever pushed the XPAND, you'd probably be pretty happy with its core function and wouldn't know what you'd be missing.

But what are those subtle things? Here are a few benefits you get when you spend up.

Guaranteed Durability – These strollers will last you through multiple kids, in fact, you may never have to buy another one. There are still plenty of parents happily pushing their 2014 UPPAbaby VISTAs. You are far more likely to have durability issues or breakdowns with lower-tier brands. We've reviewed many strollers and it is extremely rare for parents to report that they regretted their high-ticket stroller buys whereas we've seen multiple people express frustrations in various forms and occasionally bounce through multiple options before settling on a used Nuna or UPPAbaby. And on that note, because these strollers are so durable and made with better fabrics/materials, they hold much higher resell value.

Superior Maneuverability – These strollers typically push like butter and allow you to drive one-handed with ease. This is especially important when your other hand is busy finding a binkie or helping an older sibling. They also ride smoother and have better suspension on grass, gravel, and other uneven terrain. The superior suspension also puts less strain on the stroller itself, allowing for a longer life.

Warranties and Customer Service Teams – If something isn't quite right, the customer service team is on your side and it's usually free and with little to no hassle for you. These warranties aren’t just limited to typical issues with the stroller. Higher-end brands are well known for sending replacements for some smaller issues such as colors fading or fabrics pilling. When the canopy of our UPPAbaby Minu broke during a vacation, we had another sent to us free of charge – to the vacation rental we were at.

Stroller Parts for Purchase – If something breaks on your luxury stroller a few years down the road you can replace one specific part instead of replacing the entire stroller. While warranties often cover this, higher-end brands keep parts available for purchase on strollers 6-8 years old (and even ones that have been discontinued). This also means that if you’re tired of your blue canopy, you can buy a red one.

Thoughtful Features – Have you seen Nuna’s all season seat for hot climates? Bugaboo’s extendable Breezy canopy with built-in mosquito nets? UPPAbaby’s Flysafe program to ensure your stroller travels safely? Nuna’s new magnetic stroller clip? These are just a few examples that come to mind. But generally, you’ll find that luxury brands are much more user friendly for the parents and the baby.

All in all, if you can squeeze a luxury stroller into your budget, we think they’re well worth the investment. But all that said, if you are going that route remember to stick with the trusted names: UPPAbaby, Nuna, Bugaboo, Silver Cross, Bumbleride, Stokke, Cybex, etc. Some luxury options we're not sold on:

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