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Should You Splurge on the Ergo Omni 360 Breeze?

baby products Jul 18, 2023
Mother carrying her baby in the Omni 360 baby carrier.

Investing in a good carrier can reap big benefits, not just for babies, but for new parents as well. Its developmental and bonding benefits paired with hands-free convenience makes it an important registry item that often is overlooked. Ergobaby has long since been known for durable and comfortable carriers and the Omni 360 Breeze is the latest addition to their deep roster.

Similar to Ergo’s previous model, the Omni 360, the Breeze can used forward and parent-facing. Neither require the use of an infant insert so long as the newborn is at least 7 lbs and 20-inches tall. However, the Breeze allows for easier adjustments between forward/parent-facing settings, and the material is made entirely of a breathable mesh fabric to keep parents and babies cool.


  •  One and Done Carrier – We love that this carrier can be used from newborn to around 4 years old without inserts or any extra accessories.
  •  Multiple Fit Options – The Omni Breeze flaunts front, back, and hip carry. Additionally, the straps can be worn with the straps crossed or uncrossed in the back. I found this feature allowed my back muscles some relief for a short amount of time (more on this below).
  •  Breathability – The mesh fabric does its job incredibly well. We wore our carrier through humid Texas Summer outings and countless Utah errands in 100+ degree heat. I never felt uncomfortable with the carrier on and my kiddo wasn’t overly sweaty either.
  •  Durable – This is one of Ergobaby’s specialties. No pilling, no creasing, no broken clips. The carrier looks like it came out of the box yesterday and would likely last you through multiple kids.
  •  Machine Washable – Because kids…
  •  Comfortable and Supportive – After wearing the carrier for upwards of 2 hours with a 23lb toddler in tow, I can definitely say it’s got your back. This will be the carrier of choice I plan on wearing the baby for more than half an hour. My wrap, ring sling, and Ergobaby Original carrier are great for shorter trips, but this is my choice for traveling, parks, and shorter hikes.


  •  Stiff Straps – It’s a bit of a fight to adjust it by myself. While Ergobaby's tutorials videos show the straps being effortlessly adjusted, this wasn't our experience. It was a tad awkward initially and required more energy than anticipated.

    The work-around for the arm strap issue is that you can unclip the straps all together, adjust, then clip them back in. While this isn’t a terrible option, it's a bit inconvenient.
  •  Price – The Ergobaby 360 Breeze is listed at just under $200 which is just about $50 over comparable carriers from other brands. Many parents could fare quite well with similar options without having to spend up for the Breeze. 

Overall, the Ergobaby 360 Breeze is a great durable and comfortable carrier, but the difficulty on adjustments compared to options like the BabyBjorn One make it slightly a tougher sell. Even if the straps soften over time, the two-handed clips and awkward angles won’t improve with use. Additionally, for a product that boasts versatility, a lot of adjusting is needed when switching between fit options which is disappointing.

I don’t think this adjustment issue would be a deal breaker if you mostly plan on adjusting the straps to fit one person and leaving them. However, if multiple people (mom and dad) plan on using this together, it may prove cumbersome.

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