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Why the BabyBjorn Bouncer is a Baby Registry Staple

baby products Apr 17, 2023
Black BabyBjorn Bouncer for babies and toddlers with adjustable straps and comfortable design.

The Baby Bjorn bouncer is one of the most registered baby products in the market. It’s a popular choice among parents who are looking for a high-quality, durable, and safe bouncer for their baby. And it’s something that we’ve used over the last few months, reviewed on YouTube, and even rented while we did a family vacation to California. But let’s get into why so many parents add it to their registries and why it's such a great bouncer.

From an aesthetic and design standpoint, it definitely appeals to minimalists who want a clean, modern look – but all of that actually plays into the very intentional ergonomic design and is ultimately the reason why it’s so comfortable for your baby to rest in. The seat provides a snug feel that molds itself to your baby's body and gives them the right amount of support to their neck, back, and head. 

When seated, the bouncer also has a built-in 3-point harness that keeps the baby in place which isn't anything major to point out as this is quite standard, but one small note is there have been a couple times where I fumbled with the buttoning. When trying to unbutton with one hand while I'm holding baby with the other, it can be cumbersome (in the most minimal sense). 

There are multiple positions that the bouncer can be used in which can be adjusted on the underside of the seat. It can fold to a super flat profile for storage or travel, but also elevate to three main seating positions. The first notch is considered their "sleep" setting at full recline, the second notch is the "rest" setting, and the "play" setting is at the full upright position. Lastly, you can reverse the seat fabric to support toddlers up to two years so you can potentially get more out of this beyond the baby stage.

It goes without saying that the cover being able to easily come off the frame to be cleaned offers convenience that every parent can appreciate since accidents, spit up, and blowouts are all inevitable.

While browsing, you may notice a variety of different styles that you can pick from, but there aren't too many differences aside from the color and fabric. The frame and core functionality all all remain the same whether you're considering the Balance Soft model or the Bouncer Bliss.

On that note, functionality is really simple and straightforward as the bouncing motion is activated by your baby. Instead of swings that rely on some form of power, this never has to be plugged in. It's ultra lightweight, portable and doesn't require any sort of batteries which is probably the best part about this. You can take this anywhere in your house or even travel with it and always have a safe spot for your baby to relax. 

Ever since the recall of the Fisher Price Rock 'n Play and loungers like Dock-a-Tot coming into question,  people always ask which swing is best. While there are several budget options, I generally like to recommend foregoing a swing altogether and going with a bouncer instead.

I've known many families who've said that their babies never really love their swing and there's seemingly a 50/50 shot as to whether or not that 4moms mamaRoo is actually going to be used – but for the most part babies love their bouncers. 

I want to note that we never used our bouncer as a place to comfort the baby when she was full-on crying. We mostly put her in there when she was content and it was just a good place for her to safely relax while she was awake. Relying on it to be an instant soother for excessive crying or colic might not yield the best results.

You can buy it as a bundle with a toy bar from BabyBjorn site or you can buy cheaper options from third parties like Amazon. This isn't something that we ever really used, but I know plenty of parents who like having that as an option. 

Overall this is a great pick for parents that also offers great resale value once you're done with it. But most importantly – it's safe. This is been trusted by parents for years to offer a safe place for babies to relax but, once again, it's not recommended that baby sleep in them.

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