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4 Amazing Gifts New Parents Won't Register For

baby products gift ideas Jun 17, 2023
Woman taking a picture of a newborn baby for newborn baby pictures.

When your friends or family are expecting a baby, it's natural to shower them with gifts from their registry. However, while the baby's needs are often well taken care of, expectant parents themselves can sometimes be overlooked. Here's a list of great gift ideas that new parents probably won't register for.

  1. Groceries and Meal Services

New parents juggle multiple tasks, making it challenging to find time for grocery shopping and meal preparation. Getting dressed, fed, changed and buckled takes some serious effort with a baby. Consider gifting them a convenient grocery delivery service like Walmart+ or Instacart.

Alternatively, a meal-kit delivery service such as Home Chef, known for their oven-ready meals, can help ease the burden of cooking.

By providing these services, you allow mom and dad to save their precious energy for more exciting outings with their little one.

  1. Photographer

If you're willing to buy a $300 infant seat, consider booking a newborn/family photo session with a local photographer instead. Search your local area and book a newborn/family photo session.

It's recommended that newborn photos are taken within the first 14 days after bringing the baby home. While it's certainly best to coordinate this with the family, it's also a gift that will be cherished forever.

Prices will range depending on the experience level of each photographer, but scope out portfolios in the area and seek out editing styles the family would enjoy. With everything new parents have to buy, paying for professional photos can easily get pushed aside.

  1. A Clean House

Postpartum depression/anxiety can be triggered by a messy living space, adding stress to sleep-deprived parents. Help alleviate this burden by offering a clean house as a gift.

You can schedule a cleaning session through services like Merry Maids, or if you're comfortable, you can personally take care of the cleaning. Ensure that the family is open to the idea before making any arrangements.

  1. Classes

No baby product will ever compete with the invaluable gift of a well-informed parent. While there are a million different classes you can choose, breastfeeding and sleep are where most parents struggle the most so we’d recommend Lactation Link and Taking Cara Babies. I guarantee the parents-to-be are already looking for classes like this. These classes provide valuable insights and techniques to ease the learning curve and boost parental confidence.

We also need to give a shoutout to our very own course here at Dad Verb. We've built a community designed specifically to help new and expectant dads learn everything they can to be better prepared throughout the first year of fatherhood.


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